Abdel Naser POUAMOUN


Abdel Naser fell in love with technology in his early age. He is an entrepreneur with several years of experience since he has been dealing with and has participated in creating several companies or initiatives locally and internationally like Palm Group of Companies Cameroun for instance.
With his 10 years experience in the IT sector, he makes availavable his extensive knowledge and management talent at the service of the group. Since several months he is involved in joint venturing with foreign companies both in the EMENA and Africa in order to pool energy and expertise for an efficient and effective Technology Transfer to the African continent.

Ousmanou Mohamed N.

Chief Executive Officer

Ousmanou is an IT enthusiast and omnipreneur. He is in the IT sector for more than 7 years. Being a part of many IT projects and  solutions in Cameroon, Nigeria, and Bangladesh, he has built strong teams in this industry to carry out innovative solutions and works.

Aboubakar Sidick

Chief Business Development Officer

Aboubakar works have always been guided by his strong sense of analysis. At Alshadows Technologies, as the Head of Development Department, he defines and enforces the company’s growing strategy as well as the collaboration policy with new and current partner companies. Aboubakar is easygoing and open-minded. When not working he enjoys travelling, visiting places and discovering nature.


Chief Brand Officer

Kevin is a technology lover who decided to enter the field at an early age. Being very enthusiastic, he was able to be a Post, Telecommunications and ICT engineer, radio communication option. Wanting to know more about the digital world, he decided to expand his knowledge in various fields, including Digital marketing, web design, editing of animated and professional videos, corporate image management, as well as that the design and the realization of the mode of operation of the web applications (in their substance as in their form).

Advanced Technology

We create robust and custom web applications based on specific requirements by using latest web technologies and development philosophies.

Innovative Ideas

Challenging problems and solving them are the best ways to come with great ideas. Alshadows Technologies always focuses on  coming with innovations.


Clear Communication

Communication is a powerful tool,  Alshadows Technologies emphasizes on good communication within its  team and also with its customers.


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